crepe paper

At Arrosi we focus mainly on the production of crepe paper, although we also manufacture other types of special paper such as polyethylene-coated paper, polyethylene-coated crepe paper and paper for the food industry, among others.

Crepe paper is principally used for manual or automatic packaging, book binding and feed bag fastenings.

Our aim is to manufacture special products of the very highest quality, combined with exceptional, close, personal and flexible service specially adapted to our customers’ individual needs.

Crepe paper

Crepe paper reel.
Crepe paper sheets have accordion-like waves which lend them great elasticity. They also create a cushioning effect for packaging purposes. Two of crepe paper’s most important qualities are elasticity and flexibility – qualities which enable it to adapt to almost any shape. Crepe paper comes in different degrees of creping (i.e. with finer or thicker ripples), different grammages and different colours.


We have the following machines:

  • Creping machine, width 1.60 metres, which works with paper of between 35 and 160 grams (greater grammages are available upon customer request), with different degrees of elasticity.
  • Four winding machines of between 1.10 and 1.60 metres in width.
  • Embossing machine.

Arrosi is located in Elduain (Gipuzkoa), 9 kilometres from Tolosa (the main nerve centre of the local paper industry since the 19th century) and 35.5 kilometres from San Sebastián- Donostia.

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